Instagram is Evil

Any parent with an iGeneration kid growing up in the age of Social Media understands the challenges. As a father of two teenaged girls, I witnessed it firsthand: Instagram is evil to young girls.

Imagine the scene, mid Saturday afternoon walking through the mall with your 15 year old daughter, noticing not only is she full of make up, but also fake eye lashes long enough to announce her arrival. Why is it necessary to be so dressed up for a quick trip to the mall? Because she’ll be taking a selfie and posting it on Instagram.

I feel sorry for these girls. There is no downtime from teenage protocols. The timing of selfie posts and the reaction to her peers. Who’s photos do you like, how quickly you like them and comments posted are a well orchestrated choreography embedded in the rules of teen life. Doesn’t matter the time of day or place. They have to be on their game to stay relevant in social circles.

Sadly, there is no off switch.

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