On a recent trip to Orlando with my wife and our 5 year old, we stayed at an Airbnb near International Drive. The purpose of the trip was to view condominiums for a potential long-term investment. We had recently sold a condo in Toronto and wanted to use the proceeds to invest in Florida. It wasn’t a strictly business trip as we did visit Universal Studios. The weather was great for mid-January (high 20s Celcius) and sunny.

We prefer to stay at Airbnb because it gives us a separate room for living and sleeping. I rise early and my wife sleeps in. The kitchen is useful as we don’t like to eat out for every meal, particularly breakfast.

The morning of our last day we were packing up. Our plans were to see one last unit, put an offer in on a property, and open an account with TD Bank. Later on, we’d visit Disney Springs before leaving for the airport.

I notice in the kitchen a zip lock full of 7 hard boiled eggs.

My wife hard boiled the eggs so they can be safely returned home and consumed later in the week. Its not that my wife is super cheap, although the argument has apparent merit. Rather, she isn’t wasteful.

These eggs were laid in a farm by hens, inspected for quality, transported to the grocery store, displayed for sale, tallied by an cashier and taken home. Preparing these eggs for a flight respects all that went into that value chain.

Accumulating wealth happens slowly over time. It comes from living below your means, saving and investing prudently. And it helps if you and your spouse are not to be wasteful.

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